Purchasing in Spain

Purchasing in Spain

Sale and rental of ptoperty is a direction which logically complements our main activityin business support and promotion. Such services are needed more and more often, our range of clients need them both in business and everyday life. The availability of property is a good variant for investing, facilitation of getting visa and accounts in foreign banks, increasing of trust of business partners and governing public authorities, empowerment for doing business abroad and realization of new business ideas. And, of course, for holiday, regular or permanent residence.

– Request for property selection.

– Travel arrangements to Spain (paperwork).

– Organized demonstration of property objects.

– Choice of the property object.

– Request for statement in Property Registry (Nota Simple), a document that confirms ownership right for the property, object characteristics, information about the current property state (for example, arrears of the previous owner).

– Conclusion of a treaty of intent, contribution of 3000 Euro for reserve and removal the object from sale.

– Opening an account in Spanish bank and receiving NIE (foreigner identification number).

– Payments on a fixed financial plan.

– Execution of the notarized contract of purchase or sale (Escritura).

– The contract is signed by both parties and notarized.

– The orogonal of Escritura is transferred to the Property Register for the record in the registry the new owner. Within one-three months you get a bill of sale registered on your name in the Property Register of Spain .